Obligatory Sale Post

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and that means the Gods of Capitalism demand a sacrifice. I bequeath them 20% and now my things that I charge you money for are now only 4/5ths of their price as Adam Smith requires. I have put off doing this sale all day and I am not sure if it’s because of pure laziness or lack of sleep or just because I have no idea what to write about here but I guess I will just fill out this paragraph with these meaningless words and then just name some stuff you should buy from my store and explain why Girls of DBB isn’t actually on sale and plug the OnlyFans in there somewhere and be out. But what photo should I include at the end? I have no idea, but by the time you have seen this I have figured it out.

I guess we will actually start with the OnlyFans plug. My OnlyFans has 214 videos on it. Most of them are very short because they are like random snapchats and shit but seriously 214 videos is a lot of fucking videos even if they are only 10 seconds long.. There are some longer better one on there too and there will be more of that going forward because when I shoot new people I am filming specifically for OnlyFans but holy shit it’s only $5 a month and right now it’s only $4 because of the sale. Why have you not signed up?

My other pay site, Girls of Driven By Boredom has so many fucking photos on it, and they are in twice the resolution of the photos on this site plus there are a ton of exclusive photos just to that site like a bunch of nudes of Apnea (or Apneatic) and Ana Mercury. I shot those photos in 2017 but then didn’t publish them for some reason and then both models mostly retired and so I just decided to put them on Girls of DBB and nowhere else. Girls of DBB is not on sale because the only way to create coupons is to sign the company that runs the site’s new contract and I refuse to do that because the old one is better so I can’t put it on sale but if you sign up for 6 months or a year it is very fucking cheap anyway. Sign up now!

Okay, lastly and most importantly my whole shop is 20% off until Monday. That means you can get my book Instaxxx AND the accompanying zine bundle for less than the normal price of the book. It means you can save a bunch of money on the porn star signed copies or the ones signed by Stoya. The super limited book of prints, Vacation Photos is even on sale and there are only two copies of that left in existence. There are also a bunch of prints for sale and of course all my (not sold out) zines including the new Unrealized Projets II. Can you please buy your family some collectable smut for Christmas? It’s just the right thing to do for the holidays.

Okay here’s a random iPhone photo of Belen holding my book Instaxxx because I searched my phone for photos from the month Instaxxx came out and this was the best one I found. The end.


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