2019 #MetLifeTakeover

After a rough few weeks I finally got back to life this weekend with the 10th annual #MetLifeTakeover. I post about this every year and I have to do a little explanation every time so please skip this paragraph if you know about my weird Miami Dolphins life. In 2008 my friend Michelle and I decided to try and organize a bunch of Miami Dolphins fans to watch football together. We started a Twitter and a Facebook and ran a few ads and by week one of the 2009 season we had a line out the door. We decided we didn’t want to keep any money we made and donating to charity eventually turned into a mission of the club and a few years ago we actually became a non profit. We have donated tens of thousands of dollars to charity over the last decade and have become the largest Miami Dolphins fan club on the planet. Our #MetLifeTakeover event happens every year when the Dolphins come to New Jersey to take on the Jets. We have had as many as 1250 people attend although this years our numbers were a little bit low because the Dolphins are very bad at football. Moving on…

Our 10th annual #MetLifeTakeover event was a huge success despite the lower than average attendance. We still had over 500 people sitting together and I would imagine a lot more at the tailgate. We had a fully catered event with really good food and all you can drink booze. Shout out to Sailor Jerry for sending us a case. We had a photo booth thanks to my pal Nicky Digital’s new company Outsnapped (Check out those photos here.) We had DJ Tropic spinning music and a live performance by a Miami rapper named Solo D. 

We worked with the Dolphins on the event and did a lot for their charity initiative Huddle For 100. We did a raffle that raised over $700 for the Dan Marino Foundation, collected three massive boxes of toys for Toys For Tots, had a table set up for people to write Christmas cards for soldiers stationed overseas and we presented the Miami Dolphins Foundation for a check for $5000. Our total giving on the year has been over $10,000 which was our goal for our 10th season. The Dolphins also brought out their pregame radio show, Cup of Joe and a bunch of Dolphins player alumni. They surprised us on the radio show by presenting us with a framed Dolphins jersey celebrating our 10th year. In two weeks they are honoring us at a game in Miami as well. It’s an accomplishment of which I am very proud. 

Now all that being said, I threw this event on almost no sleep. I was out in the cold for 8 straight hours and I didn’t eat all day because I was so busy. That is all to say, please excuse these photos from being really mediocre. I was just clicking and moving on to whatever thing I had to do next. It was complete chaos. Then again, I doubt you are going to look at this gallery so I guess it doesn’t really matter. 

We are doing this all again next Sunday (although on a much smaller scale and I am leaving the camera at home) and then I go to Miami the following week. All this is coming in a year where the Dolphins are historically bad and we managed to lose to the Jets after a terrible decision by the refs. Still, the charity aspect is enough to keep plugging on, even with the Dolphins being trash. 

I will be back with another Dolphins update towards the end of the season when we release our wrap up video and I will also drop the videos Hotels.com filmed about the event as well. But in the meantime I will keep my Dolphins updates to social media. I will get back to girls and fun stuff in a couple of days when I finally announce my next project.  See you guys soon.

Click here to see all of my photos from the 2019 #MetLifeTakeover.





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