Back To The Enchantment Under The Sea – 3.23.14

A few months ago I went to see a very interesting screening of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The screening took place inside the lair of the Foot Clan. There were breaks in the movie where actors dressed as TMNT characters came out and interacted with the audience. I thought it was amazing and I said so in my write up.

Shortly after Gabriel Rhodes, founder of BBQ Films who put on the screening, contacted me saying how much he loved my photos and the write up. I told him that I loved what BBQ Films was doing and that I would love to be involved in future events. We ended up getting coffee and I got invited to one of the first planning sessions for the next movie: Back To The Future.

On Saturday and Sunday night (I only attended the Sunday screening) BBQ Films brought a few hundred people Back to the Enchantment Under The Sea dance. This dance is where Marty McFly’s parents kiss for the first time so Marty needs to make sure this happens or he will have never been born!

BBQ Films turned St. Patrick’s Gymnasium in Nolita into The Hill Valley High Gym complete with not one but two DeLorians! They had the fantastic Postmodern Jukebox perform before the screening and of course they came back on during the epic moment where George and Lorraine McFly finally kiss. Marty McFly came out and played Johnny B. Goode and then they played the rest of the movie. Finally Doc Brown came out and started a dance party. It was all pretty perfect.

I only made one of the BBQ Films planning meetings because I was out of town for the rest but my one suggestion that made it to the final production was an important one. They ended up raising several thousand dollars for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for parkinson’s research. People were very willing to donate a little extra to help “save the clock tower” and hopefully make a little bit of difference in the world.

Anyway, the whole event was amazing and I hope I can be involved in future BBQ Films events. If nothing else I will keep photographing them! The photos are pretty awesome so click the link below!

Check out all the super fun photos from BBQ Films Back To The Enchantment Under The Sea movie screening and dance party!

Two Marty McFlys!

Postmodern Jukebox

Save The Clock Tower

Principal Skinner

George & Lorraine McFly Kiss!

Johnny B. Goode

Doc Brown!

Dance Party USA

Biff Tannen


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