Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival – 9.13.13

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and that means one thing, cheap #13 tattoos! Getting the #13 tattooed on you has historically been a way to ward off bad luck and in recent years it’s become a tattoo shop tradition to give out small inexpensive #13 tattoos every Friday the 13th. Tattoo artist Oliver Peck and his shop Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, TX have taken that idea even further. Oliver has 13s tattooed all over his body and once broke the world’s record for most tattoos in a 24 hour period by tattooing 13s on people.

This year Oliver and his shop launched “Sailor Jerry Presents The Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival” on Friday the 13th in Dallas. On day one of the festival they had something like 100 tattoo doing Friday the 13th tattoos during the whole  24 hour period. The festival lasts all weekend and features tattooing all day and bands all night. The convention took over four venues on Elm Street in Deep Ellum. The actual tattoo convention is taking place in the Prophet Bar and bands are playing at Trees, Three Links and Wits End. Day one was a lot of fun and the Reverend Horton Heat headlined Trees and I used to love those guys so it was awesome to see them for the first time in over a decade.

I should mention, that I was supposed to be in Dallas at midnight but I didn’t get there until 4pm on Friday because of a canceled flight and a nightmarish runaround that had me spend 11 hours of my life at LaGuardia airport. To celebrate the worst travel day of my life, and to help ward off bad flight luck, I got a Friday the 13th tattoo myself… Rana Almiron, a tattoo artist who flew in for the festival from Argentina, tattooed the Delta Airlines logo on me with the number 13 on top of it.

Now click here to check out all the photos from Friday the 13th at Sailor Jerry Presents the Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival in Dallas, TX.

Oliver Peck & Dean Williams Of Elm Street Tattoo

Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Reverend Horton Heat @ Elm Street Music & Tattoo Fest

Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Party Police @ Elm Street Music & Tattoo Fest

Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival


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