4th Of July Hot Dog Eating After Party – 7.4.12

Now as a hater of all Boston sports teams I would never intentionally walk into a sports bar dedicated to Beantown, unfortunately Crazy Legs Conti is not only a a legendary competitive eater but he is also a fan of the Boston Celtics and threw his annual 4th of July Hot Dog eating after party at Professor Thomas in the East Village. Despite being surrounded by vomit inducing New England Patriot memorabilia I had a great time. My lady Kimberly Kane is still in town so I dragged her out and a couple of High Life’s later she was having a great time too. I ran into my friend Doug Sakmann there too and weirdness follows him everywhere.

I didn’t really shoot any photos until ESPN rebroadcast the hot dog eating contest and I had to pull out my camera to get shots of professional eaters watching themselves eat. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog champion and #1 ranked eater in the world Joey Chestnut walked me through the last minute of the contest and how he ate something like 8 hotdogs in the last minute cause he wanted to get to 68 again. It was pretty much like Michael Jordan explaining to you what it was like to hit a play off buzzer beater fadeaway jumper as he watched it for the first time.

I didn’t shoot a lot of pictures at Professor Thom’s but I dig all the shots so you should look at em real quick cause professional eaters are really fun when they get together and get really drunk.

Click here to see the pictures from the 4th of July Hot Dog Eating After Party at Professor Thoms.

Bonus Links: If you haven’t already make sure you check out my pictures from the actual Nathan’s Famous hot dog eat off and check the pictures from the 2010 Crazy Legs hosted hot dog eating after party!

Eat All You Can Eat!

New Yorks Fullest: Crazy Legs & Eater X

Deep Dish & Maria Edible

Joey Chestnut Watching Himself Eat Hot Dogs

Deep Dish Getting Patriotic

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