Boy N Girl Party – 5.21.11

My homie Pablo has a band called Boy N Girl and he keeps trying to get me to come see them which is what people in bands do.  He’s a good dude and pretty weird looking so I figured his band would be pretty nuts.  Last night I was just really looking to get out of the house right when I got a text from him announcing the first of perhaps many Boy N Girl parties at the Panda Lounge on the LES. My boy Chad Dubz was DJing and there were going to be cupcakes. How could I pass this up?

I headed down there around 1230 and Boy N Girl were just setting up for a mini stripped down set they were doing. The spot wasn’t packed or anything but it was a fun crowd and I was excited to see them do their thing. Unfortunately the sound was fucking nightmarish and their first song was basically all feedback.  Pablo and his partner in crime Bella powered through their short set list anyway and actually got an encore despite the shitty sound. Pablo put down his guitar and rocked it standing up. It was pretty great.  Clearly I need to see them again for real but it was a good first impression.

Oh, did I mention that Bella is insanely hot, has possibly the greatest boobs ever invented has a sexy accent and kept talking about sluts? Yeah, clearly you need to see Boy N Girl and luckily for all of us they are playing Sunday with the homies Hussle Club and Trouble Andrew at the Canal Room.

While we wait for their show, click here to see all the pictures from the very first Boy N Girl Party at the Panda Lounge.

Pablo Pleeeez Of Boy N Girl

Bella Of Boy N Girl

Chad Dubz

Get Active

Naked Cupcakes

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