DBB x I Am An Evil Carrot Tattoos

Another person go a Driven By Boredom tattoo yesterday, only this time I had to get tattooed too. My old friend Doug Sakmann became the 14th person to get a DBB tattoo and I in return got his “I Am An Evil Carrot” logo.

I was introduced to Doug almost a decade ago when he was working at Troma Studios. He was the guy who introduced me to Joanna Angel and of course the whole Burning Angel crew. Doug and his company Backseat Conceptions do all sorts of projects from making horror films to editing porn to putting on super legit film festivals in Philadelphia.  They do commercial film work, throw zombie crawls and sell a “liquor filtration system“.

I Am An Evil Carrot was originally a zine Doug created over 15 years ago but has become sort of his personal brand, production company and blog.

Both tattoos were done by Jess Versus at Glamour Garage in Williamsburg. She rules, go in and get tattooed by her.

And if you want to see more Driven By Boredom tattoos click here.

I Am An Evil Carrot Tattoo

Another Driven By Boredom Tattoo

Doug Sakmann's Driven By Boredom Tattoo

Driven By Boredom Tattoo

Doug Sakmann's Driven By Boredom Tattoo

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  1. February 25th, 2011 | 9:20 pm

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