Hussle Club Mishka In-Store – 1.21.11

On Friday night Hussle Club did a in-store appearance at Mishka’s 350 Broadway flagship in Brooklyn. I was on my way into the city to drop off a bunch of rolls of film from my trip that I needed to get developed.  I had a bout 10 shots on the roll of film that was in my camera and I thought that stopping by their  in-store would be the perfect way to finish off the roll.

They were scheduled to play at 7pm and I had to be in the city by 8.  Unfortunately they didn’t start playing until about 7:40 and since I knew that I couldn’t shoot much of their set I figured I would just burn the end of the roll and then jump in a cab. I caught about two of their songs and they sounded really good as a scaled down three piece. I actually haven’t been to any of the other Mishka in-stores but the sound was actually really good. Oddly it might be the best, soundwise, I have heard Hussle Club. Plus no one got iced this set…

Anyway, I finished the roll and made a break for the city and made it to my film lab (Luster for those who care) by 7:58pm.  Perfect timing.  So usually I leave you guys with a whole gallery of photos, but instead I just picked out three of my 10 shots and posted them below.  Sorry about the lack of gallery but I hope you enjoy some of my 35mm snap shots.

I will be posting tons of my 35mm snap shots from my Vegas/LA trip over the next week on my Tumblr so make sure you are following that.  If you aren’t into Tumblr I feed all my tumblr stuff to my Twitter so you can just follow that.  If you aren’t on Tumblr or Twitter you probably don’t know how to turn on a computer and you probably can’t read this, so I won’t stress it too much.  See you guys tomorrow!

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