Punk Rock, Yo.

I have been thinking for a while about doing a weekly Mp3 post where I put up three related songs when I don’t have any photos to post.  I worked in some form of the music industry for a decade and I feel like I have some epic jams to offer you guys.  One day when I was about 27 I woke up and realized I don’t really listen to new music any more. Part of it was moving to NYC and not having a car to listen to music in anymore and part of it has to do with the fact that I am too damn old for this shit.  That being said, I still listen all my old shit and I just recently found a ton of my old Mp3s includings some really weird shit, so get prepared to have your minds blown by novelty hits by professional wrestlers and the like.

But today we are going to start with the real shit.  I keep telling everyone I want to start a punk band so recently I have been listening to nothing but punk. I want to start the band by doing some covers until we are slightly tight and then write some new songs. I have been thinking a lot about the covers I wanted to do and I have come up with a list of about 10 songs I would want to do. I think we are going to try to learn 5 and I am going to post three of them here for you. Get fucking excited.

The first track is GG Allin’s “Drink Fight Fuck”. The irony is that I don’t actually drink and I haven’t been in a fight in a few years. I used to fight a lot when I was younger, but again… too old for that shit. I never really drank and was straight edge when I was younger. That did not stop me from fucking loving GG Allin and this song is pretty much perfect.

GG Allin – Drink Fight Fuck

The second track is “Fuck You Up And Get High” by the Dwarves.  They are pretty much my favorite band that is still playing and one of my favorite punk bands. Again, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that I want to cover a song about getting fucked up when I don’t do that, but fuck you. This is punk rock, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want.  I also might do “Fucked ’em All” or “Rock and Roll”. I’ll let the band decide…

Ps. This version of the song is off “Blood, Guts and Pussy” which is a late 2000’s album where they did new recordings of a bunch of their old songs.

Dwarves – Fuck You Up and Get High

The final track is “Girl Problems” by SOA. SOA is a DC area punk band that existed for about a year in 1981. It was fronted by Henry Rollins who left the band when he joined Black Flag. They released one 7″ record called the No Policy EP and it is pretty much song for song my favorite piece of music of all time. Rollins has dismissed the band but they meant so much to me when I was 15. If my punk band could sound half as good as SOA does I would be fucking ecstatic. Girl Problems was by far my favorite song which again was ironic because at the time my only “Girl Problem” was that girls wouldn’t give me the time of day. Me covering this song might be a little bit more appropriate now.

SOA – Girl Problems

So that’s it. Let me know if you like this format for posts and want to see more of them. Clearly they won’t all be punk but I will try to thematically link them and tell stories of it’s importance in my life or some bullshit like that.  Speaking of bullshit, I think my punk band is going to be called “Fucking Bullshit”. How do we feel about that?

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