Comedians At The Gathering Of The Juggalos

So you know the Gathering of the Juggalos has bands.  You know it has crazy drugged up juggalos. You probably even know they have helicopter rides. But did you know they have comedians? Three out of the four nights of the Gathering a 2 AM comedy event jumped off. It was hosted by a very serious man named Upchuck the Clown. The first night featured New Yorker Hannibal Buress and Ron Jeremy. The second night featured Tom Green and the third and final night featured the comedy stylings of Galagaher. Let’s get into it.

The first night of the Gathering we got in about 9pm and by around midnight we still didn’t really know where we were going or what we were doing.  We had tried to set up an interview with Hannibal Burress but the phones weren’t working so we weren’t sure what to do.  We decided we would figure out where the comedy tent was and see if he was around there. We asked a security guard where the tent was and he pulled out a map. We never got a map so after we found the comedy tent we decided to walk back to the entrance of the Gathering to try and get maps.  When we got to the gate Hannibal just happened to be standing outside. I met Hannibal a few months ago, so I reintroduced myself and my editor asked him a few questions. He still hadn’t been inside yet and we offered to walk him over to the tent since that place is labyrinth like if you don’t know your way around.  We walked around the Gathering watching him interact with juggalos which was maybe the funniest thing to happen all week. I also convinced him to buy some Faygo so he could spray it all over the crowd.. which he did.  His set was great. I was worried he was going to get Tila Tequillaed but he held his own and he got a “Fam-i-ly” chant out of the Juggalos. The whole thing was pretty amazing and a great start to the Gathering.  Also when we asked him how he got this gig he told us that he has the same booker as Rob Schneider and when he turned the gig down Hannibal got it. I still have no idea if he was kidding or not.

After Hannibal Ron Jeremy did his thing. I run into Ron Jeremy all the time at the porn convention bullshit I shoot.  We have been to the same parties and once I ran into him at Lit Lounge of all places. He works for Hotmovies and I tend to shoot a lot of their stuff. He always seems super creepy, even for porn standards and he has never been even the slightest bit friendly to me. He seemed to be in a better mood than normal at the Gathering and was borderline charming with people so I decided maybe I should bury the hatchet and try to talk to him. I said “Ron, I have shot so many events you have done, its crazy that I always run into you.”  He just looked at me blankly and said sarcastically “Oh yeah, we are really bonding.”  I don’t really know what his deal is but I did see him invite an extremely ugly girl back to his trailer. She told me she would totally fuck him. Anyway, his comedy wasn’t very funny. A lot of it was one liners I heard him tell over and over again. That being said, he was actually pretty good at telling them. He has good delivery and he pulled out dozens of them while doing question and answers. I don’t even know what else to say so I will leave it at that.

Tom Green did his thing on the second night and was unfortunately the only comedian I missed which is ironic because he is the one I wanted to see the most. I sort of covered this in the Tila Tequila post but I will give you a quick break down.  Tom and I have a mutual friend who helped us set up an interview with him. Unfortunately the lack of phone thing screwed that up. Add to that the fact that his plane got delayed and we would have never had a chance.  We decided to meet him at the comedy tent and try to set something up. When Tom got there I introduced myself and he had been excited to do the interview so we set it up for after his set. His set was an hour and he was already 45 minutes late so I figured that Tila Tequila who was scheduled at the same time would be over well before his set was but clearly that didn’t happen. Tom showed up at Tila’s set and we got to escape the mobs of Juggalos with him but we never got to do the interview. It was certainly a weird experience with one of my favorite comedians.

The last comedian on the list was Gallagher. I had a run in with him the night before and he seemed a bit off but mostly friendly. I had seen him still out, fucked up out of his mind at 8 am so I was excited to see what state he would be in during his stand up. He also did not have the best things to say about juggalos in out conversation with him so I was wondering how this all would go. I also knew he was very conservative and he did not disappoint when he opened with a joke about Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer. He spent a while telling pretty unfunny racist and homophobic jokes which the juggalos seemed to enjoy despite the fact that ICP has about 50 songs about killing bigots.  As awful as that was Gallagher still had moments that I just couldn’t help but laugh at. My dad was a huge Gallagher fan so I grew up on this guy and a few of his jokes had me almost in tears. Still the whole thing was just foreplay for the Sledge-o-matic act everyone knows and loves and came for.  Unlike most Gallagher audiences who cover themselves up with plastic sheets, the juggalos awaited food being smashed on them with open arms. Gallagher has his food smashing routine down to a science and it was actually brilliant. He brought people up on stage and let them smash watermelons and played music and gave out hoola hoops and the whole thing turned into a crazy party. It was fucking awesome.

Anyway, pictures of comedians tend to be pretty boring, but there are a lot of crazy ones of Galagher. I pretty much ruined my camera shooting them so I hope you enjoy them.

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Upchuck The Clown

Hannibal Burress At The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ron Jeremy At The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Tom Green At The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gallagher At The Gathering Of The Juggalos

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