Greenhouse – 7.17.10

You may or may know that when I am not being my too-cool-for-school hipster douche bag self I am a total football geek.  I run the only Miami Dolphins fan club in New York City called DolfansNYC.  So of course when I heard on Twitter that Vontae Davis was coming to NYC I decided to use some of my nightlife connections to try to hook him up.

Vontae Davis was the Dolphins first round pick last year and together with second round pick Sean Smith form the most promising cornerback duo in the NYC. I am personally a big fan of defensive football, so these guys are quickly becoming two of my favorite players on the team. Also Vontae is from DC like me and Sean has the same last name as me, so how could I not love those guys.

So when Vontae tweeted about coming to NYC I quickly hit him back and he put me in touch with his assistant. I immediately hit up my friend and fellow DolfansNYC member Scott who is one of the owners of Greenhouse and we hooked Vontae up with a table and free bottles on Saturday night. We also all met up on Thursday and hung out at the club which was actually a lot less hectic than the madess of Greenhouse on a Saturday.

Anyway I only took a handful of shots at the club before I got out of there. Bottle service clubs are not really my scene so I took off and went to the Standard. I didn’t shoot any pictures there which was too bad since there were a bunch of topless girls hanging out in the pool.  Oh, well, maybe next time…

So like I said there aren’t a lot of pictures, and only the one of Vontae, but you should still click here to check them all out. If nothing else Greenhouse is always packed with cute girls…

Vontae Davis

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