Rando – 6.1.10

I return to Rando. I have to make this very quick because I really have to fucking leave my house right now and I have been wearing the same clothes for two days and I smell like a dumpster. Very sexy to think about, I know…

Speaking of Sexy. Dances With White Girls got naked at his party at Gallery Bar. Luckily he covered himself with a shirt so you don’t actually have to look at any pictures of Little Dances. I feel like other stuff probably happend but I didn’t get anyone naked in a bathroom or watch a great fist fight this week so I am a little bit disappointed.  I just needed to get like 50 shots for this party site I am working on so I might have phoned it in a little bit. People were dancing hard though.  Really fucking hard actually and these two girls were just rolling all over the place making out. It seems like a good place to hang out at.  I’ll probably be back.

Click here to look at the pictures from Rando at Gallery Bar.

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