Courtney Love Picture In The Village Voice

Normally I have been just posting my photo clippings to my Tumblr, but this one deserves a full post.  Besides, my internet is terrible again today so I might not have anything to post until pretty late tonight.

I have been working for The Village Voice for about two years now. They are my most consistant client and I love them.  They don’t pay me a ton per assignment, but they give me a lot of work, get me press passes to anything I want, and occasionaly pay some of my travel expenses. So, yeah, I love them.  The only problem is that it’s all for web.  Once or twice a month one of my pictures shows up on the page dedicated to, but I never have any editoral content in the paper… Until now.

It just happened that my web editor was writing an article on Courtney Love’s latest comeback and Hole’s new tour while we were both at South By Southwest.  We both happened to catch her show at the Perez Hilton party and so I sent her one of my better shots from Hole’s set and they ended up buying it.  I know it’s pretty dumb of me to care about it since I have worked for the company for two years, but it’s nice to finally have something in the actual paper. I mean, it’s a NYC institution….

So click here to read the article or just pick up a copy of the paper and turn to page 48 .  It’s free in Voice boxes all over the city until Wednesday…

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  1. April 29th, 2010 | 4:04 pm

    you want me to be the first to comment on this pic?let me see…ONE OF A KIND. right?

  2. April 29th, 2010 | 9:20 pm

    Um… ok.

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