Hussle Club – 3.19.10

Hussle Club played their first (or maybe 2nd) show in NYC while I was at the airport headed to Austin for the first week of SXSW.  I was there for film, but most of my friends wouldn’t get into Austin until the next week for the music part of the conference. I was really mad I missed the first show, but knew I had to get to one of their SXSW shows.

Hussle Club, as you should know by now, is fronted by Prince Terrence.  Terry is one of my best friends in NYC and a hell of a musician.  He has always been in the background though, either drumming for artists like Young Love, Major Lazer and Santogold, or behind the DJ booth at some Lower East Side bar.  Terry finally gets his piece of the spot light and her earned it.  He put together and amazing band and is already one of the better frontmen in NYC.

I went to see them way off the beaten path at Club 1808.  It was in kinda a shitty part of Austin and I had so many people ask me for money or try to sell me something just standing outside of the club, but it was the Mishka showcase so I had to be there.  When they went on I didn’t exactly know what to expect.  Terry was wearing knee high goth boots and I had heard them described as “dark wave” which I really have no idea what that is.  To me they sounded like almost a poppier NIN.  Whatever it was, it was fucking awesome. Terry ran around pouring Mad Dog 20/20 all over himself and picking up monitors and smashing mic stands.  The rest of the band fucked shit up as well, save for Carol Sharks (who I just at breakfast at Juniors with a few hours ag0) who is the calming influence of the band. They just put on an amazing show and everyone in the crowd left impressed.  If that was their third show I cannot wait to see what they are going to be like after touring for a few months.  It should be epic.

The photos are fucking awesome, so click right here to see them all.

See you guys tomorrow with shots of Ninjasonik & Hollywood Holt… probably…

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