The Shank – 3.6.10

More than a year later I return to the Shank.  Actually I have been a few times but I haven’t shot since one of the first ones.  The Shank has moved locations and now it’s just a few blocks from me and it goes all night.  That combination pretty much means that I will be hitting up the Shank way more often than I have in the past.  And if it goes all Summer, I am gonna be really happy about that.

Saturday night was sort of a disaster for me.  I went to meet up with a Burning Angel who wanted to shoot with me.  We had an idea for a location but that got fucked up so we walked around Williamsburg trying to find a good location. We eventually broke on to a roof and tried to take some photos but it was so fucking cold that they didn’t come out that great.  I got a late start and headed to the Whorehouse party in Bushwick but it got shut down by the cops before I got there.  I joined a bunch of people going to another party but made a quick stop off at some bearded hipster party with Anton Glamb and his girl.  That was a bust so we headed over to Party Expo but Anton took us on “short cut” that involved us climbing a 10 foot fence.  We finally got there and I had to pay $2 to get in a warehouse with no cell reception and a bunch of dudes. After that failed I got into more trouble cause I told my friend to come by and I gave her the wrong directions.  Her and her friends took cabs to the complete wrong spot and I got yelled at.  In the end I went home early and was pretty annoyed with the evening.

At that point Prince Terrence called me and told me he was at Lit hanging out with a football player named Ted Ginn Jr. who plays for my Miami Dolphins.  As a huge Dolphins fan I was pretty excited and when he told me they were going over to the Shank, mere blocks from my house I decided I had to make the trip.  When I got there I immediately realized that Ted Ginn was an impostor. Instead of calling him out on it, I took his photo and posed awkwardly for pictures with him.  At one point he thanked me for not telling anyone.  I just thought it was pretty funny, although I wish that if he was going to impersonate someone on my team that he not do coke with people.  I don’t want rumors flying about my boys.

Despite fake Teddy Ginn I had a blast at the party although I almost fell 20 feet from the loft when someone burned me with their cigarette. A ton of my friends were there including two kids I know from Virginia and a girl I used to have a crush on 3 years ago. I was only there for an hour so I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I think you can tell how fun the party was from them.  I also finally had a conversation with Johnny from the Death Set.  I saw them play once and it was a blast and I run into that kid weekly but we never talked until last night.  Dude is funny as hell. Can’t wait to chill with the whole Death Set/Ninjasonik/ Cerebral Ballzy crew at SXSW.

Lastly, since this might be my only update today I just wanted to remind you guys that I am shooting Sway tonight.  You should come by, there is a really great flyer.

Okay, now, without further bullshit ranting, here are the pictures from Saturday night at the new Shank.








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  1. March 8th, 2010 | 9:18 pm

    What’s the new location?

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