Driven By Boredom Tattoos Austin Edition

Two of my favorite Austinites, and possibly two of my favorite people ever, were dumb enough to get my logo on them today.  I was hanging out with my old roommate and hero Michael “Smoke Bomb” Kristoph who now lives in Austin and is letting me sleep on his couch during South By Southwest and my second biggest internet crush Chelsea. We were sitting around a bar joking about bad tattoos, and Chelsea just called her tattoo friend and they got the logo 10 minutes later.  The tattoos were done by Matt Morren at Dandyland Tattoo on 6th St in Austin.  He is my new best friend.  He drew ball hairs on Chelsea’s logo and lightning bolts on Michael’s.  Also Dandyland is amazing because two years ago they sold me a new lip ring for like two dollars and one of the dudes working there has a Mishka tattoo and complimented my new Jordan’s.  How is that for a link filled post? Amazing.





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  1. March 21st, 2009 | 3:53 am

    who doesnt have a crush on chelsea? ha!

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