Bam Margera’s Minghags World Premiere – 3.8.09

Everyone has that one guilty pleasure they are really embarrassed about. They have that one CD in their collection that they keep hidden behind the others or that DVD that they hope no one notices. For me that DVD is the entire Viva La Bam MTV Series. I am nearly 30 years old, and yet I some how find a show who’s audience target audience is 14 year old pot heads fucking brilliant. I own all the CKY movies too. I don’t really talk about it. I was a big CKY2k fan back in the day, and when Jackass came out, I was pretty psyched. But after it blew up and they kept putting it on the air and I got over it pretty fast. The movies are fucking funny, but I didn’t rush out and see them the first weekend or buy the DVD’s. Wild Boyz bores me to tears and Johnny Knoxville was a little hard to stomach from the beginning. But for some reason, the CKY branch of the Jackass tree has stuck with me. There is something about Bam, Ryan Dunn and the completely underrated Brandon DiCamillo that have kept me around. Probably the hardest I have ever laughed in my life was on a deleted scene from Viva La Bam. I even downloaded the reality show about Bam getting married on iTunes… but don’t tell anyone.

So when my friend Doug told me his film festival was premiering the second fictional film from the CKY team, Minghags, I decided to use it as an excuse to visit my girl in Philly and check out the Backseat Filmfestival. If anyone has seen their first film Haggard, you can imagine how retarded this movie is. I mean, the film stars a high pitched midget made famous by the Howard Stern show (who was a pretty rad guy). It was ridiculously ridiculous and after watching the movie I couldn’t really tell you what the hell it was about. It was however pretty fucking funny at parts and some elements of it reminded me of early John Waters. There are some scenes involving Brandon Novak and Ruthie Margera that completely reminded me of Pink Flamingos and to some extent Desperate Living. I think that Ruthie could be the next Edith Massey. I am serious, she was brilliant. Someone needs to send the Minghags DVD to Pat Moran.

As far as the photos go, Bam, Ryan and the Margera’s showed up, as did a smattering of the familar faces. The Howard Stern show midget, Mark the Bagger was there as well getting hammered as fuck and just generally being fucking awesome. Ryan Dunn has the same multi-finger mustaches my girl Nicole has, although his Hitler stash is on his middle finger and she has hers on her pinky. April Margera and I had a conversation about how her and Phil have the same anniversary as my site. I should send them a card next year. Their 35th and my 10th happen to correspond, maybe we can do a joint party at Lit or something. Honestly it was a pretty good vibe for the film. It seemed like everyone was friends, I think only about 10 people actually paid for the movie, pretty much everyone else was on the guest list. That combined with free beer and good times were had. filmed the whole thing, so maybe try to check there to see more from the party.

After the movie there was a pretty good Strip For Pain, but I am going to put those photos up after I wake up. I have been slacking of late, but when I wake up I am going to have the extremely NSFW Strip For Pain shots as well as the shots from Cain that I just took. I will also try to work in a review somewhere of the best film I saw at the Backseat Film Festival, which is probably the best movie I have seen this year.

Okay, check out all the pictures from the Minghags World Premiere by clicking here.







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