Gaskets Photo Published

I managed The Gaskets for 5 years and during that time I probably took over 1000 photos of them… maybe more.  I have had a ton of those published in all sorts of magazines and weeklys and such.  In a recent article on the band for Richmond, VA’s Style Weekly I was asked for a photo of the band.  I sent them what is probably the best photo I took of them (at least best live photo) in all those years.  Style’s art director thought the photo wouldn’t print well and we argued back and forth and eventually I photoshopped the hell out of it until Teddy was glowing, and he accepted it.  Unfortunately, he was right, it printed way too muddy and didn’t look great.  Luckily, you can see the original here.  The published image is below.  Click that picture to see the full article in it’s newspapery form.


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