SXSW DAY 2 – 3.15.15

Hopefully this update is going to be a lot shorter than yesterday because I need to watch the last episode of Jinx before the internet ruins everything for me. Anyway yesterday was a pretty good time. I saw a couple of good movies, took some photos, photographed a gaming convention and went to a pretty fun party.

First up I shot the cast/ crew of Fresno which happened really quickly in a slightly too cold place. I loved the film and I love all the actresses involved and I am fairly bummed that I didn’t kill it like I should have. But Natasha Lyonne did Tweet a photo of me taking a photo of Aubrey Plaza which was kinda fun. I would also like to mention that I think Judy Greer is an incredibly underrated actress. She is brilliant always.

From there I had the super low key assignment of photographing two Oscar award winning actors in ten minutes. First I shot Adrian Brody for his film Stone Barn Castle (a documentary about the 7 years it took him to restore a castle!) and then Robert Duvall for his new film Wild Horses. I have shot Duvall now three times and it doesn’t stop being amazing and I actually got hired to shoot photos at the Wild Horses premiere and after party.

I then shot the red carpet for the film Love & Mercy about Brian Wilson. I actually had seen a bit of the film because my friend Teddy did the credits and it looks really great. I didn’t get to see it but I did get to photograph Brian Wilson and John Cusack (who plays older Brian Wilson) so that was awesome.

Next I hit the SXSW Gaming Convention and saw over a hundred people watch some kids play Street Fighter. It was insane. They had announcers and everything. I just had never shot the convention and I love photographing hardcore fans of anything and nerds go all out. I honestly had a great couple of hours doing that weirdness.

Finally the moment I was most pumped for, I got to see A Wonderful Cloud the film edited by my brother. It was directed by my brother’s friend Eugene who is a really intense and awesome dude and it stars Eugene and Kate Lyn Sheil who I have sort of become friends with after photographing her so many times at SXSW. The film also featured credits by Teddy because Teddy kills it always. The movie was great at the most accessible thing I have seen from Eugene. I would very much recommend it unless you get offended easily and since you are on my website that is probably not the case.

I ended my photographing by hitting the red carpet for Paul Feig’s new film Spy featuring Melissa McCarthy. Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale were on the carpet as well. I got to see Spy since I was done for the day and it was pretty fucking hilarious. But you don’t need me to tell you to see it.

The night ended with the after party for A Wonderful Cloud and that was a lot of fun but I didn’t really take any photos so yeah. Look at a few highlights below. All my film stuff should be up on the Village Voice/ LA Weekly on Wednesday.

Adrian Brody - Stone Barn Castle

A Wonderful Cloud

Brian Wilson - Love & Mercy

SXSW Gaming Convention

Robert & Luciana Duvall

Aubrey Plaza, Judy Greer, & Natasha Lyonne -  Fresno

SXSW Gaming Convention

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