Sidney Scarlet Day Three

I made it to St. Louis. Just one state down and many more to go to get to the end of Route 66. But with the end of one state comes the end of my time with Sidney Scarlet. I dropped her off at a bus station on the way back to Chicago. It took us three days to get here but it only takes 5 hours to get back.

Today was a ton of fun and I took a ton of 35mm photos and a bunch of video. We met the son of Bill Shea who is running Shea’s Gas Station while his dad is recovering from an injury in a nursing home. He told us all about the history of the place and his dad. It was a pretty amazing experience. We went to Lincoln’s tomb and rubbed Lincoln’s nose for good luck. We got Sidney naked a bunch and checked out another of the Illinois Muffler Men as well as a Giant rocking chair, the Ra66it Ranch and went antiquing for a bit. We even saw the worlds largest catsup bottle and an antique store with an ice cream store in front that is shaped like a giant ice cream cone. I was sort of in heaven.

We got to St. Louis a few hours before I had to take Sidney to the bus station so we hung out in the airport Econo Lodge pool which was disgusting and awesome at the same time which describes all the food I ate today as well. I ate at Charlie Parker’s in Springfield where I consumed a pancake the size of a pizza and a breakfast “horse shoe” which is some sort of ungodly sandwich that is just two pieces of bread covered in meat, cheese, eggs and hash browns. It was amazing. For dinner we had some St. Louis BBQ at some chain restaurant by the airport. It was pretty damn delicious.

Unfortunately the internet at my hotel isn’t working very well so I can’t upload any more of the video I shot today but here is a video that I uploaded the other day to the secret blog for people people who donated to support this trip. It’s pretty hilarious and there are some boobs so be warned.

The video was recorded at a Target in Joliet, IL when the power went out while Sidney was shopping for a swimsuit.
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