Ash Hollywood Day Two

Saturday was pretty amazing. I not only got to see four of the Route 66 icons that I have seen in so many books but I also go to see the Grand Canyon which despite some rainy weather was everything you would imagine. Truly incredible experience.

Ash Hollywood and I awoke in Holbrook, AZ and headed to the Rainbow Rock Shop which is filled with giant fiberglass dinosaurs. It’s one of the most photographed places on Route 66 and of course I got Ash to flash me infront of the dinosaurs. On the way out of town we stopped by the Wigwam Motel which is famous for giant wigwam’s that open up to hotel rooms. Right outside of town I got ash completely naked in front of the famous Here It Is sign. We then headed down Route 66 and we passed Twin Arrow, an abandoned trading post with two giant arrows next to it. Unfortunately it’s fenced off, but we parked the car on the shoulder and hopped the fence and once again Ash got naked.

After all the roadside nudity we got some food at Granny’s Closet in Flagstaff and then headed to the Grand Canyon. It was pouring rain as we drove up 64 towards the canyon but this was going to be my only chance to see the Grand Canyon so I decided it was worth the three hour round trip drive even if I had to see it in a huge storm. Fortunately the weather cleared up a bit and I got to see the majesty of the Grand Canyon. On the plus side it was still sprinkling and that meant less tourists so it was relatively easy to find a spot a way from people for a photo shoot. We were still very close to tourists but we were able to shoot for almost ten straight minutes without getting caught. It was an amazing experience.

We left the Grand Canyon and made a few stops on the way to Siegelman, AZ but nothing exciting. We are staying in an old motor lodge tonight and did a pretty awesome hotel photo shoot that I am thinking about making exclusive to my DBB Girls App. I mean I gotta give you guys some reason to sign up right?

Anyway, it was an awesome day and in a few hours we are going to head as far as we can on Route 66 before taking a slight detour in Las Vegas. Vegas is just slightly North of 66 so I am going to stop there for a few days, check into a nice hotel, and try to recover a little. Ash will be leaving me and hopefully I am going to be able to pick someone else up in Vegas and finish up Route 66, ending up in Santa Monica, CA with a boardwalk photo shoot and a Route 66 tattoo.

In the mean time, check out this NSFW shot of Ash Hollywood naked at at the Grand Canyon!

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

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