2017 AVN Awards – 1.21.17

I am back from my two week LA & Vegas trip and ready to get you some photos. I do this trip nearly every year around the Adult Video News Awards. I think I have shot the AVNs or at least the events around the AVNs every year since 2008. The trip is how I got started photographing people in the adult industry and now it’s become a good way to see friends, meet new models and make some money… plus with only a few hour drive to LA it’s a good excuse to hit up LA for a week without having to pay for a flight.

Given that the AVN Awards happened over a week ago I am clearly a bit late on these photos, but I shot them for the LA Weekly and posted that link everywhere so I figured that if you really wanted to see my AVN Awards coverage you had plenty of opportunities to do so. That being said, my edit is much bigger than the LA Weekly gallery and of course you don’t get to read a long, pointless, poorly written blog about it.

This year’s AVN’s were pretty cool because a lot of my friends won stuff. Adriana Chechik won Female Performer of the Year, Greg Lansky won back to back Director of the Year awards and my friends cleaned up the acting awards. Best supporting actress went to Joanna Angel and Xander Corvus won best actor. Best Actress went to Kleio Valentien who I actually helped get into porn many years ago after sending this 2009 photo shoot to Burning Angel! (Update: That gallery is broken for some reason but you can find it on Girls of DBB!)

Also it was hosted by Riley Reid (and Aspen Rae) and a bunch of other friends won awards too like my LA landlord Abella Danger who won best Star Showcase. Holly Hendrix won Best New Starlet and we aren’t friends yet but we talked about shooting soon so hopefully we will be by next AVN.  Oh, and Sgt Kabukiman NYPD was there and he’s pretty much family.

Okay, let’s get to these photos. My shots from the Adult Entertainment Expo will be up ASAP too.

Ps. Donate to my Kickstarter. Many AVN Awards winners are in the book.

PPs. Did I mention Flo Rida performed? He did. We got low.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 AVN Awards at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, NV.

Adriana Chechik Wins Performer Of The Year

Flo Rida

Annika Albrite & Mick Blue

Doug Benson & April O'Neil

Kendra Sunderland

Carter Cruise & Spencer

Kleio Valentien

2017 AVN Awards

Broques & CobrasnakeBroques & Cobrasnake

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Punk Rock & Christmas Cards

1) My punk band is playing our second show ever on Saturday at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Okay, technically that is not even close to true… they have been around for a decade but this is only their second show with me in the band. Okay, that’s not really true either because they played a show when I was in LA last month without me but whatever… it’s only the second show I have played since my last band broke up in like 2012 or something so I am excited about it.

The show is free and we play at 10. It’s the 28th anniversary party for a band called Iconicide. Not sure why a 28th anniversary party is a thing but that’s a long fucking time to be in a band. The last time I played a show with them I gave the singer the mic to do a Black Flag cover with me and he kinda screamed all over it and I was wildly drunk so I decided to flip him over and he hit his head into a cinderblock that was keeping the drums from moving. He was a good sport about it and I am real excited to play with them again. That show was fun as hell.

2) The Driven By Boredom Christmas Card is almost here. You can get on the list for one American dollar. In the past I haven’t charged but if I do it through Etsy it’s super fucking easy for me to deal with it. After the fees and price of the cards and postage and shit I am not making any money I assure you, this is just the easiest way for me to deal with it.

If you aren’t familiar with my christmas cards they are pretty epic. I did make a half assed one a couple years ago but the first two were real solid. The most recent one is pretty great although I must admit they weren’t printed very well. That being said if you want to horrify your friends and loved ones there’s nothing like having one of my Christmas cards on your refrigerator. Also it says Happy Holidays on it instead of Merry Christmas because I am doing my part in the war on Christmas.

Plus if you have all three you can watch my life fall apart in front of your very eyes! Who is that nearly tattoo free babe with the incredible ass? Look at that long luxurious hair looking so slender (in comparison to the Fat Jew)? Oh god, who is that 30 something on the new card? What has become of his life?


Oh, and I got some new postcards made at the same time as the Christmas cards that are for sale now if you care about that sort of thing…

Christmas Is Coming...

Christmas With The Fat Jew

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2016 NYC Zombie Crawl – 10.15.16

Another day another zombie crawl. I have been covering Doug Sakmann’s NYC and Brooklyn zombie crawls twice a year for nearly a decade and this year was no exception. I keep thinking all this is going to make for a good book that I can sell to nerds one day but I feel like by the time I ever do anything about it no one will care about zombies anymore… At least they keep making episodes of The Walking Dead…

This year the crawl started out at The Continental. I got there a bit late and they were already gone. I started walking towards Otto’s Shrunken Head (the first stop) and I ran into them about 6 blocks north of where they started. After a quick stop at Otto’s they crawled to Beauty Bar for the after party.

The after party featured music by J & The 9s and Skeletal Life, “undead burlesque” from Liberty Rose and some sideshow madness from Dr. Claw. Also a bunch of clowns showed up and some people from Troma including Will Keenan who played Tromeo in Tromeo and Juliet which if you haven’t seen it is maybe Troma’s best film and it was written (and maybe directed) by James Gunn who wrote Scooby Doo 2 (and also some other stuff Guardians of the Galaxy for example).

So go look at these photos if you feel like you need more zombie crawl photos in your life. These pics are kinda NSFW cause of the burlesque, the painful to look at sideshow stuff and one topless photo at the very end.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2016 NYC Zombie Crawl.

NYC Zombie Crawl

NYC Zombie Crawl

NYC Zombie Crawl

NYC Zombie Crawl

NYC Zombie Crawl

NYC Zombie Crawl

NYC Zombie Crawl

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2016 Kid Rock Fish Fry

I never thought I would ever shoot a music festival themed around Kid Rock but when Sailor Jerry asked me to come to Nashville for two days I wasn’t exactly going to say no. The hot chicken alone was reason to make the trip but I had no idea what I was getting into with the 2nd annual Kid Rock Fish Fry.

I should start by mentioning that there were no fried fish. I mean you could get a couple fish related items from the many food trucks but apparently the “Fish Fry” thing is some sort of inside joke or something. People kept asking me where the fish were. But, there were two people dressed as neon green guitar playing fish which was easily the best thing to happen to me all weekend. I mean how can you not love confusing fish mascots?

I also thought it was pretty interesting that the music lineup was the same for both days. I don’t think I have ever seen that at a festival before. Kid Rock played both nights and his set was exactly the same. He said “I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is that we have a badass set for you tonight. Bad news is that it’s the exact same show as last night.” His gave his reasoning behind this explaining “You never met a motherfucker quite like me.

I was there with Sailor Jerry and so I spent a lot of time in their “Norman’s Garage” set up. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is the tattoo legend the spiced rum is named after and they built a garage with two hair cutting stations and had a documentary about Sailor Jerry playing. You could come in and get your hair cut for free (I got my beard trimmed) and watch the documentary. I liked it because on Saturday it was hot as hell and the garage was a great break from the sun and then on Sunday it got suddenly unreasonably cold and it was a good excuse to hide out since I was wearing a t-shirt. They also had live painting from tattoo artist Mathew F. Scott and Daniel “Gravy” Thomas was there with the custom Sailor Jerry Ford truck that he brought on the Pawn Stars spinoff Counting Cars.  He and the truck got recognized several times which was kinda cool. I haven’t seen it yet but I kinda love those History Channel reality shows.

I took a TON of photos so this gallery is huge. I didn’t shoot much of the bands (although The Shrednecks were pretty good and have an amazing name) but I did shoot a million crowd shots. If you liked my juggalo photos you are probably gonna like these. They aren’t as crazy of course, but there are some wild mother fuckers in this gallery with some of the craziest outfits I’ve ever seen.  ICP and Kid Rock are both from Detroit and have made music together so it only makes sense that their fans would share some of the same sense of not giving any fucks.

So click here to see all the photos from the 2nd annual Kick Rock Fish Fry at the Fontanel just outside of Nashville, TN.












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Fool’s Gold Day Off – 8.20.16

Yesterday was Fool’s Gold Records annual Day Off in NYC. I have photographed most of them and they are always a good time but usually they are in my neighborhood. This year the all day party was on a helipad on 34th Street which was a really cool idea. I was running late so I took a $20 Uber there and when I got there it had been moved to fucking Queens. I started walking up to the N train but I finally gave up and got another $20 cab. I got to Studio Square NYC two hours later than I had planned but I quickly got to work.

When I got there Meyhem Lauren was in the middle of his set. Probably my greatest skill in life is moving quickly through packed crowds so I got to the front by the time he finished his set and got a few shots. My homie and Fool’s Gold founder Nick Catchdubs DJd between sets and I took a minute to wonder around checking out the place and saying whats up to everyone.

Next up was Leaf who kinda killed it and brought a bunch of babes out with her which is never a terrible move. Leaf can rap, sing and is a total babe which makes the fact that I shot her Sweet 16 party kinda uncomfortable. Seriously though she was great.

After that A-Trak did his thing and invited out a ton of special guests including MadeintTYO, K$ace and my buddy Telli from Fame School who hosted the whole event. Towards the end of A-Trak’s set the crowd started chanting for Lil Yachty and started basically moshing between sets.

Unfortunately the crowd got a little bit too nuts and Studio Square got a little too packed and the barrier between the crowd and the photo pit started getting pushed forward. The bouncers jumped in and none of the photographers were squashed to death but they kicked us all out of the photo pit. Pretty much took the entire Lil Yachty set for them to reenforce the barricade and we only had this little tiny area to shoot from.

During Lil Yachty’s set I tried to get a few good shots and then get out of the way so the photographers who aren’t quite as good as pushing motherfuckers out of the way could get their shots. Unfortunately my shots weren’t actually that good and I sort of missed out on getting any good Yachty shots. That’s some amateur bullshit right there. Still, I got some pretty decent wide shots when I climbed up on a table and shot from the VIP area.

After Lil Yachty I found a spot in between two speakers and on top of a bass cabinet or something. Basically I shot the last two artists while being shoved into this tiny space that was constantly rumbling and I felt like I was going to shit myself from the bass. It was a pretty good time. I actually got my best shots from there despite the 45 minutes or so of that minor misery.

Juelz Santana from the Diplomats came out next and fucking killed it. I feel like someone from Dipset is at every other Day Off and I am never mad about that. Cam’ron fucked shit up two years ago and Juelz kept that tradition going. Real fun set.

Migos headlined and unfortunately they only got a couple songs in before the cops shut everything down. I don’t know exactly what happened but they probably ran late cause of all the bullshit with the barricades. They got into the crowd and kept playing but eventually they got shut down permanently.

Once again Fool’s Gold Day Off (NYC edition) was a blast despite the $60 Uber bill and collapsed photo pit. I shot a ton of photos so you should go look at em already. Enjoy your Sunday or something.

Click here to see all the photos from 2016 NYC Fool’s Gold Day Off at Studio Square NYC.

A-Trak @ Fool's Gold Day Off

Leaf @ Fool's Gold Day Off

K$ace @ Fool's Gold Day Off

Lil Yachty @ Fool's Gold Day Off

Juelz Santana @ Fool's Gold Day Off

Migos @ Fool's Gold Day Off

Meyhem Lauren @ Fool's Gold Day Off

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Music @ 2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

Every year there’s a couple artists that play the Gathering of the Juggalos that you just can’t believe are playing. I have seen everyone from George Clinton to Bobby Brown to three different members of WuTang. This year I was pretty excited to see Bone Thugs N Harmony, Slick Rick and Gwar.

Bone Thugs aren’t really one of my favorite groups or anything but I thought it would be cool to see and it was. Photographically it was pretty impossible to get a decent group shot but not mad I got to see them. Gwar was also really hard to shoot but for a completely different reason. The inside of my hat is still pink from the blood of a decapitated puppet of Barack Obama. Slick Rick was just kinda boring to photograph because he mostly just stands there with mic in his face but honestly it was still fucking amazing. I am a pretty serious Slick Rick fan. Like I get pretty deep with him unfortunately I only got to see about four songs because of other work, but it was still next level for me.

Also great was Tech N9ne who plays every year and this year his some time collaborator Hopsin played too. I really dig both of them so that was fun. They are both really easy to photograph too because they put on a hell of a show and don’t spray any camera destroy substances at the crowd (weird, right?)

Aside from that there wasn’t much I wasnted to shoot. I the performance of Violent J’s Wizard of Oz themed musical “Wizard of the Hood” and that was super weird. I probably should have watched the whole thing but they only let me shoot two songs and I sort of bounced after that. I of course shot ICP but I had a really early fight to catch and I have seen them a bunch of times so I left after I got a few shots. I also shot Psychopathic Records artist Anybody Killa and “West Coast juggalos” Kottonmouth Kings. Oh and this rapper Rittz who I have seen before at the Gathering and is on Tech N9ne’s label.

Aside from that I didn’t really see any other music. None of my clients really wanted any band photos even though I was shooting for both Noisey and Rolling Stone. That being said after I shot Gwar I pitched Noisey on it and they actually published my show review. It’s always weird when people let me write shit, but I appreciate it.

Read my Gwar show review in Noisey here.

So yeah, um, go look at band photos if you want. The Gwar ones are at least somewhat interesting and maybe you will care about them. Honestly if it were up to me I would never have to take or look at a photo of a band ever again, but that’s just me.

Click here to see all my live music photos from the 2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos.

Tech N9ne


Bone Thugs N Harmony


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The Best Of The 2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

I have returned from the Gathering of the Juggalos and although I slept for an unreasonable amount of time I still feel physically destroyed after not sleeping or eating real food for four straight days. If you don’t know by now the Gathering is the weirdest music festival on the planet thrown each year by the Insane Clown Posse. This year, and the last two years it has been in a town called Thornville, Ohio just outside of Columbus. Like most festivals the Gathering features a lot of sex, drugs and music, but the Gathering is unique in that it also includes wrestling and bareknuckle boxing and strippers and no real security or pretension of safety. Oh, did I mention everyone is dressed like clowns?

This is my 7th straight Gathering of the Juggalos and I will probably keep going back because it’s impossible to take a bad photo there (although I try my best) and people keep paying me. I have covered the Gathering for probably two dozen media outlets and it seems like someone always wants me to shoot something or write something and I’m not mad about it even if my brand has become juggalo adjacent.

I am (thankfully) going on a mini vacation tomorrow so I have broken the hundreds of images I have for you guys down into 5 total posts with six total galleries. The plan is to get two up today, two up tomorrow and then one final massive update on Thursday featuring over 400 images in one post. I gotta get these up quick so we can all move on with our lives and I can enjoy a few days of my vacation.

This gallery serves as an intro to the festival coverage as well as a place to put all my best images so if I need to come back later to find a photo it will probably be in this gallery. That makes sense right? Didn’t want to shoot my metaphoric load right away, but it’s too late and it’s happening…

These are my favorite images from the 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos and you should click here to look at them.

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Sailor Jerry Fleet Week – 5.29.16

I spent my birthday at Pier 84 photographing the Sailor Jerry Fleet Week party. It was the culmination of a week of Sailor Jerry Fleet Week events honoring sailors (Navy, Marines & Coast Guard). They gave out free drinks, hair cuts and tattoos and then threw this huge free party with a live performance from Cage the Elephant.

I didn’t make the other events but I saw Cage The Elephant at Lollapalooza in 2011 and they blew me away so I figured this would be a pretty good way to get paid to have fun on my birthday. I have shot thousands of bands over the last 20 years and Cage The Elephant are one of those bands that really sticks out. I went out and bought one of their albums after seeing their live show

Aside from the Cage show there was a lot going on. For some reason there were a couple Playboy Playmates hanging out and arm wrestling sailors. No one seemed to mind them cheating for some reason.

Ink Master judge Oliver Peck was giving sailors free Sailor Jerry tattoos all day. I have photographed a lot of Sailor Jerry tattoo events and it was awesome seeing the right people getting the classic tattoos for their original meanings. Last time I saw Oliver he was tattooing my knee so it was nice to see him without wanting to pass out.

They were giving out on site silk screened shirts and my friend Myles was sewing Sailor Jerry patches on the shirts or whatever you wanted. And did I mention the free drinks? There were a lot of free drinks.

Shortly before Cage went on, the Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus drove a custom Sailor Jerry Harley Davidson on stage and gave a toast to the troops and the proceeded to take hundreds of selfies with sailors and other fans. It was pretty impressive to see him spend over an hour taking photos with people and signing autographs.

Finally Cage went on and after shooting their first few songs I decided I had taken enough photos to just enjoy the rest of the set. I had a couple of drinks and they got right on top of me because I hadn’t eaten or slept because I am terrible at life. So I ended up staying late talking to US Navy guys about the nature of war and service. Pretty intense way to start Memorial Day.

I finally left and met up with some friends for dinner and ended up sobering up a lot as soon as I got food in me and then started to get drunk again and ended up at some punk show and on a roof in the rain and talking hockey with some fucking Penguins fan at a metal bar and then went home and ordered $40 of delivery food before passing out while watching Game of Thrones. Did anything important happen?

Oh right, photos, sorry… let’s do this.

Click here to see all the photos from the Sailor Jerry Fleet Week party at Pier 84.

Norman Reedus

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week

Cage The Elephant

Norman Reedus & Oliver Peck

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week

Norman Reedus

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week



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Insane Clown Posse @ Webster Hall – 5.9.16

Last night the Insane Clown Posse played New York. Given that my favorite people to photograph are juggalos I of course had to go. This is maybe the third time ICP has played NYC in the last decade and I think I have been to all the shows, but this time they played Webster Hall where I have spent countless hours of my life.

They played the middle floor of Webster aka the Marlin Room which is kinda a weird space for a band that spends most of their set throwing two liters of soda at the crowd. The ceilings are low and the room is wider than it is long so unless you were right by the side bars you couldn’t really avoid getting hit with a bottle. I took one to the head and I actually have a cut from the lip of the bottle.

One of my best friends was in town because we were ICP fans in the mid 90’s before juggalos were a thing. That’s how I got into shooting juggalos in the first place. I had a pretty good background in ICP before I started documenting this wonderful madness. He hasn’t listened to ICP in the last 15 years but thought it would be fun to come up from DC for the show.

So I shot photos before the show and after the show but during their set we just ran around getting covered in soda and moshing with juggalos and whatever one does at a concert when they aren’t shooting photos. I don’t even remember how that works. It was actually a lot of fun.

I should also note that there were a ton of under cover hipsters in juggalo costumes there which I guess is probably Camille Dodero and my fault for breaking the internet with our original Village Voice cover story that lead to the massive amount of media at the Gathering of the Juggalos every year. See if you can spot the juggalo tourists!

Now click here to see my photos from the Insane Clown Posse show at Webster Hall!


Insane Clown Posse Invades New York

Insane Clown Posse Invades New York

Insane Clown Posse Invades New York

Insane Clown Posse Invades New York

Insane Clown Posse Invades New York

Insane Clown Posse Invades New York

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