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A few months ago Kimberly Kane told me about her friend Ashley who was moving to New York. She was like “Ashley rules and she needs to meet new people in the city.” KK is one of my favorite humans of all time so I took her word for it and got some food with Ashley. She does in fact rule and a week or two later I went over to her place and we took some photos. 

This shoot is like the perfect example of my strengths and weaknesses as a photographer. On the strengths side, after meeting me once Ashley was comfortable enough to want to do a shoot with me. She had only posed nude once before and apparently I am only the second dude to ever see her naked which is a god damned honor. I think I made her comfortable while we were shooting and we got some photos that she was really psyched about.

On the negative side I don’t use lighting so shooting in a fairly dark room was challenging. A studio photographer would have set up a couple lights and wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But that’s where we get back to one of my strengths. I am pretty good at figuring out ways to make shoots work, be it using a TV to light a shoot or in this case a projector and a lamp.

It was a lot of fun to mess with the projector, using both the light it bounced off the wall and the projector directly. She also had some LED smart bulbs so we played with those a bit too as well as the little bit of natural light that was coming through the window. But on the negative side again, we were using very little light and I missed a bunch of shots because they were just slightly out of focus or the projector hit my lens creating less than compelling lens flares.

On the plus side again, I really like shooting in people’s spaces. It feels very real and natural and I like that. But on the negative I tend to do stuff like not notice that there’s something dark hanging on the wall directly behind dark hair and it’s distracting as fuck or just the little things in the background like plugs or trash cans that lead to a messy composition. 

Whatever the case, I ultimately really enjoy these photos and I hope you guys do too. Also Ashley and I have become friends so not only will you probably get more photos of her in the future but she is also becoming a fan of my hockey team and that is incredibly important.

And now it is time to sell you things. 1) Ashley was the very last person I shot for my absurd Driven By Boredom Dental calendar. There are only a few copies left and if you wanna get one my Christmas order now! 2) There are some photos of Ashley fully naked on Girls of Driven By Boredom and as always all the photos from this set are available there in high resolution. Go sign up! Okay, let’s get to the free photos already.

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Ashley!




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