2018 Juggalette Wet T-Shirt Contest

Every year the Gathering of the Juggalos has a Faygo wet T-shirt contest and for several years I covered it because nudity and juggalos both bring a lot of traffic to my website and the combination is pure gold. But the contest is a lot of work between trying not to get gear destroyed by Faygo, getting to the Gathering early in the day (the contest is usually one of the first events) and trying to deal with some questionable “media” trying to take photos as well. I just had done it a bunch and I didn’t need to cover it again.

This year however I had to do more daytime stuff because we got their late on the first day and left early on the last day and I wanted to make sure I had enough photos for all my clients. I actually just sort of ran into the contest and it had already started. Mike Busey and his crew were hosting it, but the photos are so wild I felt like it needed it’s own post instead of putting it in the Busey gallery I posted yesterday

The light was rally harsh in places so these photos aren’t particularly good, but they are very not safe for work. In fact some of them were way too NSFW so I had to make them exclusive to Girls of Driven By Boredom. So if you want to see all of the photos sign up for that.

In other news, currently I am writing this whilst working as an extra in the new Troma movie. It’s incredibly boring for no pay but being in a Troma movie is a long time bucket list and I get to update my website while they are shooting scenes that I’m not in. So yeah, go look at photos, and I will go back to being some sort of rich asshole in a fat suit aka a pillow. 

Click here to see the NSFW photos from the 2018 Juggalette Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Juggalette Wet T-Shirt Contest

Juggalette Wet T-Shirt Contest

Juggalette Wet T-Shirt Contest

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