Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets

Ages ago I went to Galapagos Art Space with Madame Rosebud to take some photos. I posted the first Rosebud set we shot but I wanted to wait a while to post the second set we shot and then of course I forgot about it. A couple days ago, I was going through all my unpublished photos to figure out how I was going to get all these naked lady sets up and I found a bunch of them that I forgot about including this shoot! Clearly I had to publish it right away!

As you can see Rosebud is a huge Brooklyn Nets fan and while my love of basketball was drained from me growing up a Washington Bullets/Wizards fan I still pretend I like the Nets too. I have never actually seen the Nets play and can’t name a single player on their team but if they ever make it to the Super Bowl I will vote for them.

Whatever the case, these photos are hot and they rep Brooklyn pretty hard which is always good since both of us live in Brooklyn and this set was shot in Brooklyn and currently I am typing this from Brooklyn. Shot out to my homies in Brownsville, RIP Biggie Smalls, etc. (I don’t have any homies in Brownsville.)

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Madame Rosebud in and out of some sweet Brooklyn Nets gear!

Ps. There are a lot more photos of Rosebud on the DBB App. Get that shit already, someone needs to pay for my new tattoo!

Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets

Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets

Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets


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    November 28th, 2013 | 7:28 am

    hEY , nOT BAD… if your granny took those shots, NO, just playing. Beautiful. good day:)

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