Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival – 9.14.13

Yesterday was day two of “Sailor Jerry Presents the Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival”. I didn’t get any tattoos on day two but I had a lot of fun. There was skate boarding, tons of rock and roll and of course more tattooing. Bowling For Soup were the headliners yesterday and there were a bunch of tattooed babes hanging out everywhere. No complaints.

I hung out on the half pipe out back and shot kids skateboarding for a while. I shot a bunch of skate stuff when I was in high school but I didn’t have that many friends that were any good so I have really only shot skate stuff a couple times in the last 15 years. Sports photography, and especially skate photography is such a specialized thing but I had fun anyway. I got a couple of nice shots but my favorite might be the one of a board flying at me. It actually hit me in the face but the shot was worth it. The shot is always worth it.

Bowling For Soup headlined Trees but I was more excited about the headliners over at Wits End across the street. Dallas Uber Alles were an awesome Dead Kennedys cover band and I had a lot of fun fucking shit up in their mosh pit. It also made me realized how many Dead Kennedys songs I don’t know. That was pretty surprising since they were one of the first punk bands I ever listened to.

This fest has been so much fun so I gotta thank the homie Oliver Peck and Sailor Jerry for bringing me out to Texas. Half my family is from Dallas and I have spent a lot of time here and this is the first time I ever had any fun… (Although I did fire a gun for the first time here.)

Click here to see all the photos from day two of Sailor Jerry Presents The Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival in Dallas, TX.

Oliver Peck Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Bowling For Soup @ Elm Street Music & Tattoo Fest

Chris Nunez Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Dallas Uber Alles Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

Elm Street Music & Tattoo Festival

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  1. September 18th, 2013 | 9:11 pm

    It was great hanging out with you Igor. I would like to thank you very much for you kind word, we are happy that you enjoyed it. Oh yeah you pitted your ass off, thanks for bringing the energy! Rock on.

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