Miss Crash’s Suspension Show – 2.5.11

So for something like 3 months I kept seeing this model who I loved but I could never figure out who she was.  I kept seeing pictures of her and not realizing it was her and thinking “wow I would really love to shoot her”.  Every time I would check to see who the model would be and every time I would see the name “Miss Crash“.  In the last month I have now ran into her twice, once on each coast, and while I still haven’t been able to shoot her I did get to see her perform at the Philly Tattoo Convention last weekend. And let me tell you… this girl knows how to put on a fucking show.

I should start by saying that this gallery is very fucking NSFW.  While there is not much nudity there is a lot of blood… and not the fake kind you might have seen in the burlesque performances I posted about yesterday.  We are talking legit human blood dripping out of self inflicted holes all in the name of entertainment.  Crash does a suspension show. I have posted a lot of suspension pictures in the past and for a lot of people they never get easier to look at.  Personally I have always wanted to suspend but I am scared enough of it not to actively try to do it. Although I am sure one of these days it is going to be me hanging from some hooks.

Anyway, Crash brought out three girls who did a series of suspensions.  The girls were cute and they did hangs from their elbows, stomach and knees. Knees to me area always the worst. That shit looks so fucked up and makes for some amazing images.  Even Crash said something about how she doesn’t hang from her knees anymore. That shit is seriously brutal.  The girls hangs were pretty impressive and the crowd was really into it but it was nothing compared to Crash’s performance.

Crash came out and did a super aggressive burlesque strip tease thing that by itself was better than 90% of the burlesque out there.  Of course in most burlesque the girl doesn’t have two meat hooks hanging out of her back when she takes off her clothes. Crash was running around fucking shit up and throwing in some pretty amazing booty shakes.  For a skinny white girl, Crash has one Hell of an ass.  Once she had whipped the crowd into a fury she was handed some needles that she proceeded to stab into her face.  Unfortunately I was behind her the whole time and I couldn’t get a great shot.  Luckily when she moved onto stabbing the foot long needles into her stomach I was there for the shot.  After she was good and bloody she was hooked up to the makeshift scaffolding and the performance really began.  She just fucking got loose up there swinging about and kicking shit and just losing it.  The crowd was just screaming. It was pretty fucking impressive.  She was just kicking off the scaffolding and her partner grabbed on to her legs and she continued to hang.  She finally cut herself down and took some more clothes off, did some more booty shakes, this time even more covered in blood and called it a show.  The whole thing lasted only a few minutes but everyone was blown the fuck away.

I was shooting in very low light so I had both a show shutter speed and a very limited depth of field.  I knew 75% of the shots I was taking were going to be out of focus so I popped off about 200 shots of her performance.  I would love to shoot her again in better light or with strobes because I missed some fucking killer shots.  That being said out of the %25 of shots that did come out I got some crazy fucking photos.

So be warned, some of these shots are graphic, but if you have a strong stomach you need to click right fucking here to see Crash’s Suspension Show at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention.

Also, Crash is a total babe and an amazing woman.  You need to go to her fucking website right now and see a lot more of her. Get on it.

Knee Suspention

Philly Tattoo Convention Suspention

Miss Crash Suspension Show

Miss Crash Suspension Show

Miss Crash

Miss Crash Suspension Show

Miss Crash Suspension Show

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  1. swallowafishhook4satan
    February 15th, 2011 | 10:53 am

    One trick pony. Ho hum.

  2. February 15th, 2011 | 9:39 pm

    I have seen a ton of side show and a lot of suspension shows in my day and Crash fucking killed it.

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