Draven Star

Draven Star is one of my favorite Burning Angel girls and I was excited to shoot her again at the Alumni 2012 look book shoot. They made her look super goth and I hate dark lipstick but she showed me her boobs in a bathroom so I don’t know what the fuck I am complaining about. I shot her once before backstage at Public Assembly but I hope one of these days we get to do a real shoot instead of these quickies  in the back of some place.

I am sort of an idiot because I forgot to get her to cover her boobs in a few pictures so I would have something to post on the main page, so there is only one image below, but this gallery is NSFW and there are lots of exciting things inside. Get excited.

Click here to see all the pictures from my shoot with Draven Star in Alumni 2012 clothing.

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