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So if all goes well everything I shot in Miami for WMC will be up today.  I have two big parties to update later with some of the more fun I shot in them, but in the mean time I am just going to give you all the other random stuff I shot at WMC.  In general I took WMC pretty easy.  I had two parties that I was hired to shoot, and then I could shoot whatever I wanted for the Village Voice and I needed to put a tattoo gallery together for Inked Magazine.  Other than that I didn’t have a lot to do and I took advantage of that by just loafing about most of the days.

In this gallery you will find a few shots from my first night in town where I slept all day and then went to White Room for about an hour before taking a cab back to the hotel I got by the airport just so I could take a nap. My cab driver meanwhile was taking a nap while he was driving me to my hotel.  It was insane. He was driving 40 MPH in a 55.  People were zooming past us while he was drifting lanes. I thought I was going to die.  I didn’t.

After that we have some pictures from the Raleigh Hotel pool where Steve Aoki was Djing for about 25 people drinking free Alize. That was pretty exciting.  I think one of the first times I met Steve was at the same hotel, but we were on the roof and we had a conversation about how we would jump off if there was a fire. I am glad to know that people think about weird shit like that as much as I do.

Aslo in the gallery are shots from this fashion takeover of some store.  I really wish I had the energy to figure out what it was exactly, but I am really tired so I will just wait until Paloma or Robb sees this and yells at me until I put in the correct info.

There seem to be shots of DJ Loli and Tommie Sunshine in here, but I have no idea where they came from, and then there was the night that I went to a few spots for no reason and then the girl I was trying to entertain left with her exboyfriend. That was fun. And then tehre are a few shots that just seem to be lost.  Whatever, it’s all Winter Music and its all Miami. Deal with the disorder.

Oh! This gallery even has some boobs! NSFW!

Click here to see all the randoms stuff from WMC that didn’t fit into any of my other galleries.

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