Well, it is Tuesday of the “Mostly Naked Girls I Photographed On My Trip” Week and I can’t think of anyone more appropriate than a girl who’s name is… Tuesday.  I met Tuesday at this crazy fetish party in Vegas.  I was about to leave when she came up to me, told me I was hot, started kissing me, and then gave me her number and said good bye.  She lived in LA and she wanted me to look her up when I got there.  45 minutes later for whatever reason I still had not left the party yet.  I saw her again, this time she had lost her phone and was freaking out.  I had her number so I called it.  It just rang, so I tried again and this time a guy picked up.  He was one of the hosts of the party and I got her her phone back.  I was rewarded by more making out and this photo set you see here.  She was pretty intense and amazing.   Unfortunately we never made it to LA to do a real, more sober, more organized photo shoot.  It was sort of hard to concentrate with 10 people watching and taking photos with their iPhones.

So, I sort of want to marry this girl, so I hope that I can one day at least shoot her again.   But in the mean time, you guys should click here and look at the hot NSFW photos I shot of her in Vegas.




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