I graduated from VCU a while ago and yet I retuned to Richmond to take dirty pictures of an 18 year old VCU freshman named Remi.  I think she is pretty adorable.  I met her on Gods Girls where she is a model.  She is friends from some of my old friends and she’s a rad girl.  I picked her up in her dorm, a place that I have not stepped in 7 years.  We had no idea where to shoot, so we drove around looking for something cool.  I had an idea to call my friend Jamie to ask him if we could shoot in the convenience store that his wife runs.  It’s like a NYC style bodega called All Star Market.  Unfortunately although it was pretty late on a Sunday but they were still open.  But Jamie buys cars, fixes them up, and then sells them and just then happened to be working on a car at a machine shop.  He invited us there to shoot.  We didn’t get to shoot with the welding stuff or the fork lift or any of the other amazing tools there, but we did get to shoot in the break room that had a bit of a surreal look to it with, very washed out colors and hunting magazines.  Also, thanks to Jamie and his friend for the place to shoot, but even more thanks for Jamie for making an appearance at the end of the set.  Check that out.

I was trying different combinations of flash and fstop and white balance and stuff trying to figured out how I wanted to shoot it, when I accidentally set the balance to tungsten which made the fluorescent lights turn super green.  I noticed my mistake after the first shot but I liked the way it looked in my camera.  Turns out it was way too green, but I wasn’t shooting raw and I don’t want to correct them all so you get to see them green.  I have corrected a few of them and they look much better but I just don’t have the time to do them all.

But look, they are hot photos, so just look at them now.  Love Remi.  She is nice.





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  1. December 12th, 2008 | 8:15 pm

    I love her tattoos.

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