Trash – 4.25.08 – Burning Angel’s 6th Anniversary

I try to shoot all the events that Burning Angel does in NYC. As was pointed out to me today I seem to have a track record with Burning Angel girls and I am friends with pretty much everyone involved… so when I heard they were having their 6th anniversary party at Trash, my favorite party I have to admit I was pretty excited. The only problem was so were tons of other people… some of them equally as creepy as I am. But while I am creepy, at least I am familiar. So many strange dudes, and guys with cameras that at some point Brendan had to stop letting guys in the club. There was one guy who had an umbrella flash kit and was holding it up and said the photos were “just for him”. There were so many people it was hard to shoot, so I just hung out mostly near the girls table and spent a good amount of time outside. Speaking of outside there are some great shots of BA’s man about town Mitch beating up porn auteur Doug Sakmann which are fantastic and I posted about 10 of them in a row even though they are all about the same because they make a nice flip book. Anyway, these photos have a bunch of naked girls in them, including several from girls who aren’t even in “the industry”. Clearly not safe for work. Also, if you are wondering I saved the America’s Next Top Porn Star photos for a separate post because they are so out of control.




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