Famous Republicans And Their Monkey Movies

Well technically they are ape movies, but that lacks alliteration.

After Clint Eastwood gaveĀ  his crazy talking to an invisible Obama speech last night at the republican convention it was a good reminder that famous republicans have a history of starring in movies with apes. Clint Eastwood starred in not one but two movies with an Orangutan named Clyde… Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. Every Which Way is actually a fantastic movie but it doesn’t compare to the classic Planet Of The Apes starring gun nut and diseased GOP loving lunatic Charlton Heston. The original Planet Of The Apes is honestly one of my favorite movies and both Eastwood and Heston are two of my favorite actors despite my hatred for their political views. The third famous republican who starred in a movie with an Ape is of course Ronald Reagan and his infamous film Bedtime For Bonzo where he starred across from a chimp. Now I don’t care for Reagan’s acting or his politics but if you haven’t seen Bedtime For Bonzo you really need to just for the weirdness of it if nothing else. How the hell did we elect this clown?

I hope this is all a coincidence and not some sort of GOP/APE plan to take over the planet. Whatever the case watch these trailers and if you haven’t seen any of the movies you should immediately do so and then go register to vote.




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