I Have Instagram Again

After that long rant I did about how pissed I was about getting banned from Instagram I stewed for a few days and then I just sucked it up and got a new Instagram. I am still really pissed about losing nearly 9000 followers (at the moment I have about 600 of them back) but I decided I can’t go to the Gathering of the Juggalos without Instagram. It just wouldn’t be right.

So yeah, follow me on Instagram and if I have ever taken a photo of you that you love will you post it on your Instagram and drop my new Instagram name and tell people to follow me? I want my damn followers back. Thanks champ!

My new name is @nateigorsmith. It’s terrible branding not being @drivenbyboredom but such is life. I can only dwell on my first world problems for so long.

Driven By Boredom Instagram Is Back

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Welcome to the B-Sides

This is the first of many changes that are going to be happening to Driven By Boredom over the next few months. I have been hinting at a site redesign for a long time and my hope is that it is actually on it’s way. I am supposed to have a new draft of the design in a few days and once it gets pretty close to where it needs to be we are going to start implementing it. That is going to be a huge process because it means reuploading 30+ gigs of photos one gallery at a time but once it’s done everything is going to work so much better.

One of the big new features to the site is what I am calling B-Sides. B-Sides is a separate blog that will show up on the main site right under the newest photo gallery and will feature a variety of content from site news and events to videos and music. It will give me a chance to update the site as often as I want without bumping important content down the page.  If I am out of town and don’t have time to get up full galleries I can still post my friends new music video or let you know about why the hell I haven’t updated. It’s going to lead to a lot more content and I am pretty excited about it.

I want to get people used to the B-Sides now so I will be posting on here a couple of times a week just to get a bit of content on this blog before the new page launches but once the site does launch you should see me updating this a lot more. I hope you guys are at least 15% as excited about this as I am. It should be fun.

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