Road Strip With Ash Hollywood

A new episode of Road Strip came out a few days ago! I have been so insanely busy working on my Vegas photo album and my new book, Dinner With Igor, that I totally forgot to do a post about the new video!

The new episode takes up a few days after our last episode with Charlotte Stokely. When I left Stokely I had a few days without any models booked, but I was lucky enough to run into my friend Heidi in Oklahoma City and she spent two days on the road with me. She didn’t get naked and didn’t want to be on Wood Rocket since it’s a porn site and all so I left her out. We did have some fun adventures and even rescued two runaway dogs that were wondering the highway! I left Heidi at a bus station in Amarillo and met up with a Annalee Belle at the Cadillac Ranch. I was only with her for an hour so I guess none of that footage made it in the web series. After that I spent a day on the road by myself before ending up in Albuquerque.

Ash Hollywood just happened to be in Las Vegas at the time and it was an insanely cheap flight to Albuquerque so I flew her there and scooped her up at the airport. We made our way west ultimately detouring to Las Vegas so I could drop her back off where she started but that took us a few days.

This first episode is mostly just Ash naked in the car, and then naked in a swimming pool with some fun driving shots and some not so fun music in between. It’s not the most exciting episode, but there is a ton of nudity! The next episode with Ash is one of the best of the series though, so look forward to that… it has donkeys!

So check out the new episode of Road Strip and I will be back soon with some info about my new book!

Ps. As of this moment there’s still one signed Polaroid of Ash in my Etsy store! Go buy it!

Road Strip W/ Ash Hollyood

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