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I am back in Brooklyn! My insane South By Southwest is over! I slept on average about three hours a night for 11 straight days and I started to lose my mind. After SXSW was over I still had a couple days in Austin so I checked into a hotel and took a nap. I woke up 13 hours later. Since then I think I have been asleep more than I have been awake, but I think I am finally recovered and now it’s time to start getting up photos! Today I am going to get up the stuff from SXSW Interactive and tomorrow I am going to post my SXSW Film gallery that I am really proud of. Friday I will start in on my photos from the Sailor Jerry House. I shot nine parties there during SXSW Music week and I have a ton of cool stuff. Hopefully by this time next week everything will be up… and I will try to break it up with a little nudity… Let’s see how it goes.

So yeah, today I have not one but TWO galleries for you. Admittedly they are both pretty small.. but still. SXSW Interactive is notoriously hard for me to photograph. A tech conference is pretty boring to look at. In the past I have covered the trade show, photographed branding, and shot nerds on their cell phones, but it’s all a little tedious to look at. This year I hit up two SXSW Interactive parties instead.

The first party was IHeartComix first ever Interactive party. Franki Chan and crew always throw great SXSW events and this year was no exception. I was working during music week so I missed all their serious parties but their Interactive party was nothing to sneeze at. AraabMusik and Just Blaze DJ’d and there were a ton of babes mixed in with nerdy tech dudes so it was a pretty good look. I was only there for an hour or so because the after party for the movie my brother edited was also that night, but I think I got a few fun shots anyway.

Click here to see all the photos from the IHeartComix Interactive party at Empire Garage.

IHeartComix SXSW Interactive Party

IHeartComix SXSW Interactive Party

IHeartComix SXSW Interactive Party

The second party I hit was the Mobile Movement party that AT&T threw with Motherboard. Vice put me on the list and I saw that Reggie Watts was playing so I clearly had to go. I have been a Reggie fan since I saw him do stand up a few weeks after I moved to NYC almost a decade ago. So glad to see that dude so successful. He performed on a giant soundboard called a Keezy. It’s a giant version of an iPhone app.  He also performed on the main stage as well. I left after Reggie was done because I wanted to get food with an old friend, but evidently Lady Gaga showed up later or something. I think I have taken enough photos of her to last a lifetime so I didn’t regret my dinner move.

Click here to see all the shots from the Mobile Movement party!

Reggie Watts Keezy

Ronen V & Jake Lodwick

Teddy Blanks & Alex Karpovsky


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