Tyler The Creator – 3.23.13

The first time I saw Tyler The Creator perform it was with Odd Future at Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans. During the show two photographers were attacked and I came away excited that there was a rap group performing with the energy and insanity of a punk band. The next weekend I got to see them again at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. This time photographers were banned from the show but I was given access after my blog went viral and I ended up being quoted in the LA Times and several other major media outlets defending their actions against the photographers. It caused a lot of drama in my professional life but I still love the energy of these kids.

So when Tyler went on a solo tour I put his NYC date on the calendar. He played to an intimate sold out crowd at the Williamsburg Hall Of Music and he brought some of his Odd Future crew with him. I can’t keep track of them all but I know Earl Sweatshirt, Taco, Jasper Dolphin and Mike G were there. The vibe was much friendlier than at the big music festival shows I saw. This crowd were all fans and the few photographers there photographed from safe distances. I was in the middle getting crushed by a bunch of high school kids losing their shit but I was having fun. A young punk kid saw a Black Flag patch on my jacket and told me that these guys were the most punk band around and I gotta agree with him. Tyler and his crew bring high energy, friendly agression, crowd surfing, moshing, an element of danger, belonging and a whole lot of fun.

Click here to see all the photos of Tyler The Creator at the Williamsburg Hall Of Music in Brooklyn.

Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator

Earl Sweatshirt

Tyler The Creator & Earl Sweatshirt

Tyler The Creator

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