These New York Streets Photo Show

So this Friday I am having my first NYC Solo show at Mishka’s Brooklyn flagship store 350 Broadway. I have turned down a lot of “hang your work in my store” type shows before but Mishka is family and I have been to a lot of really fun art openings at 350 Broadway. Plus they let me show whatever the hell I wanted so it was a good excuse to show something no one has ever seen before.

On Friday from 7-10 I will be showing around a dozen of my NYC street photography shots. There are no naked girls, no party pics and it’s all 35mm. There are a bunch of shots of fights but there are also some nice pretty things like neighborhood kids playing in fire extinguishers and bikers barbecuing. Plus if you really need the naked girls I am 100% someone will get naked at the show. I mean I will have my camera and there will no doubt be a bunch of nude models there. So that’s a thing.

Plus there is going to be free booze provided by Sailor Jerry and if you want to buy art I am gonna keep it super cheap. You can get any of the prints at 11×14 signed and numbered out of 10 for $100. You cannot beat that shit. And if that is still too much for you I am doing a special print with resident Mishka artist Lamour Supreme that is gonna be in the $25 range signed and numbered by both of us.

After the party we are going to head over to the amazing new South Williamsburg bar The Flat for an after party. There might be free booze there too but we will definitely have FUROCHE DJing some jams and I can assure you more good times. Still working out the details on the after party but obviously it will get weird.

So come out on Friday! 350 Broadway in Williamsburg from 7-10. It is right by the Hewes JMZ stop but you can also get there from the Broadway G or Lorimer L. (Also the Metropolitan G and Marcy JMZ for that matter). It’s only a couple blocks from the Brooklyn side of the Willamsburg bridge.

Ps. There is a Facebook invite.

These New York Streets

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  1. July 1st, 2012 | 12:38 pm

    Hi Nate your work was beautiful how can I get the Mishka print?
    Oh, and it did get weird, but in a good way! xx

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