The Rest Of South By Southwest

And finally two weeks after SXSW ended I am finally getting up the last images from my ninth straight year. This gallery contains a bunch of photos from various parties I hit up during the music part of the festival.  There are a couple shots from a Wavves show and then I shot a day party that Ayad from Passion Pit put together and then rolled over to Hotel Vegan the Brooklyn Vegan party. That night I was sent to a party that had already ended so I just hung out at the bar and took a handful of photos. Thursday night I hit up the Spider House to shoot a little bit of Psych Fest the highlight being getting a waitress’ phone number and then Friday I went to see the Gories at Emo’s East but I didn’t shoot much because I didn’t have a photo pass and I wasn’t trying to fight mother fuckers to get shots of bands. And finally on Saturday night I put my camera down and just enjoyed the Off! show and then made it over to the Vice party. I was going to shoot Trash Talk but after I took three photos someone kicked my flash and the door that holds the batteries in flew into the mosh pit and was never seen again.  I had planned on going back later to search for it but then ASAP Rocky started a fight when someone threw a beer at him and chaos erupted and the cops broke up the party. I ended up that night at a house party where pretty much everyone I met that week just happened to be hanging out. I decided not to take photos but instead got a bunch of hot girls in my friend Mike’s van and we suddenly had a moving party.

Okay, this is going nowhere and I don’t have photos of half that shit so I am gonna put the keyboard down and just show you some of the damn photos.

Click here to see the photos from rest of my SXSW trip.

Ps. Shout out to Bleached and JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound the two best bands in this gallery.

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound


Bleached @ Hotel Vegan

Franki Chan @ SXSW

Haim @ SXSW

Hotel Vegan

Wavves @ SXSW


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