My Site Is Fucked

If you are reading this you got pretty lucky. Yesterday my host decided it would be a good idea to limit the amount of connections to my site because I am getting too much traffic. Then they decided not to get back to my emails, so as I search for a new hosting solution my site is scrambled. I don’t want to do new posts since it’s impossible to fucking view anything on here so I am gonna wait until I get this sorted to update but since the galeries are already uploaded here are links to the last two SXSW updates I have planned for you:

Backstage at the MtvU Woodie Awards

The Rest Of SXSW AKA Everything Else I Shot

And just because I hate to see my updates without some media in them, here is a video by the fantastic JC Brooks & The Uptown sound who I discovered at the Brooklyn Vegan party.

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