The Most Interesting Show In The World

This party is going to be serious.

A who’s who of party promoters have been called upon to get the word out about this insane party at Webster Hall on Thursday with Shaw Promotions leading the charge.  This event is going to be awesome and everyone is going to be there and clearly you should be there too.  Why? Because if you are awesome enough to read this awesome website you are awesome enough to attend this awesome show and that is of course awesome.

What is this show you ask? Well it is the most interesting show in the world! Dos Equis is presenting this party and evidently the Most Interesting Man In The World has personally curated this event. Andrew WK will be hosting the show and complimentary Dos Equis will flow all night long. There will be a Hungarian illusionist, a burlesque star and “many other mind blowing talents”. Clearly this is not to be missed.

The show is on Thursday from 7:30 to Midnight and  I will be there taking photos so it will be a once in a lifetime chance to see me in public before midnight.

Oh, and the best part of the whole thing? Driven By Boredom readers get complementary admission!  This is a private event but you can get complimentary tickets by clicking right here for you and a guest. And of course you must be 21 and older because there is going to be a 4.5 hour open bar and crazy acts of madness none of which are at all suitable for children.

So again, click here to get the tickets and check out this promotional video which happens to feature DBB friend burlesque superstar Melody Sweets!–Q

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