Tiny Furniture Rooftop Films Screening – 6.13.10

I got to see Tiny Furniture again and it was still fantastic the second time.  My friend Lena Dunham’s second feature had its NY premiere on Friday at BAM Rose Cinemas and then they had a special outdoors screening as part of the Rooftop Films summer movie series. It was a very cool event where they had a huge inflatable screen set up in the parking lot across from BAM. It was really cool to watch a movie outside like that and the distractions of the city and the sometimes questionable sound were offset by the surprsingly great weather.  It rained during the day and the event was almost called off, but the rain let up a few hours before the screening and didn’t really start again until the credits were basically rolling.  The Q&A was pretty wet and just a few brave die hards with umbrellas stuck around for the free beer and after party, but the whole event was great none the less.

One thing I have yet to mention was the opening entertainment for the movie.  My good friend Teddy Blanks did the soundtrack and the title sequences to the film and he preformed a short set before the movie.  Video artist Christian Shultz creates videos for all of Teddy’s songs which were projected behind Teddy on the giant inflatable screen as he played.  One of the videos features a man dancing while a girl behind him masturbates on a bed.  I was wondering if Teddy was going to perform it at such a family friendly out door event… he did. They turned the video off within 20 seconds but let him keep playing.  I think it is a pretty great acomplishment to be censored by BAM.  To see more weird video art and madness from Teddy and Christian you should check out their insane website: Too Hot For The Internet.

One other thing of note, my parents came with my brother and me to the movie and while it was great to have them there it was very awkward to watch some parts of the movie with them.  If you have ever seen your mother laugh at a joke about a “cum omelette” you know what I mean. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of my parents in the gallery though because they abhor my website as any good parent should.

The gallery is pretty small because I expected to do most of my shooting afterwards but the rain put a stop to that, but you should click here to see the pictures of Teddy Blanks & Tiny Furniture at BAM anyway

Tiny Furniture is out nation wide and on IFC On Demand in October.

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