Dolphins Vs. Falcons – 9.13.09

So yeah. I run a Miami Dolphins fan club. What are you going to do about it? I am sure I have mentioned this before, but my friend Michelle and I were watching Dolphins games in a Patriots bar for the last several years and were pretty sick of it. We found some other Dolphins fans and an hospitable bar in Murry Hill called Third and Long. By the end of the season last year we were packing the place with Dolphins fans. We decided over the summer to make it official. Dolfans NYC has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and temporary website. And clearly if you have a Facebook page you must be legit. Last week the Dolphins got pretty embarrassed by the Atlanta Falcons, and playing the Colts on Monday night tomorrow is not going to be any easier, but at least the club is looking tough. We brought out more people than we could handle last week and it was standing room only. Hopefully by mid season the Jets fans there will get the hint and go to one of the other 100 bars in the city you can watch the Jets play.

Anyway, I know most of you couldn’t care less about the Dolphins, but I am going to post some photos from our party last week anyway. And get used to it, because I am going to be taking more. Oh, and by the way, these photos are pretty terrible because I used my on camera flash for everything. Deal with it. Go Dolphins!

PS. As per last post, these link to a Flickr page for the mean time because my website is trying its hardest to fuck up my life.

Update: Gallery is working again… Above link now works.




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