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I did an interview for RVA Magazine a few weeks ago. RVA is the cultural magazine for Richmond, VA the town where I went to art school and spent 5 years of my life. When the preview for the issue came out there was about a 60 comment forum going attacking at first me as a person, then me as a photographer and then finally attacking the idea that a photographer not living in Richmond should be covered in a Richmond magazine. Then when I was defended, my defenders were attacked, then eventually the internet wrath turned on the magazine itself and eventually the whole thread was taken down. All this sort of upset me at first, but then I sort of changed my mind and thought it was pretty funny. Which is why I am sort of disappointed that now that the issue has finally come out no one has said anything.

Now about the interview…. Any time I am quoted they are paraphrasing. Not one sentence of the interview is word for word. They did a pretty good job getting across some of my long winded answers frugally, however there are a lot of factual errors. The most significant being:

  • My site does not get seen by 1,00,000 people a month. I get around that in monthly page views which probably caused the confusion. Polite webmasters do not talk about traffic publicly!
  • The story about how I got the nick name Igor is completely wrong. The real story can be found here.
  • The so called “Ambush Nudes” series has never been on my site. The project is actually called “Flashing Strangers” and I am still working on it. If anyone wants to freak out some tourists with me, let me know.

Other than that, and the fact that I supposedly said my nudes were “playful” the interview is pretty good. I also gave them a lot of images to use that they asked for without my logo on them, but I guess they preferred to use the nightlife stuff. Still, it looks pretty good, even with my logo on the images.

Check out the interview by clicking this link and then clicking the “Current Issue” button. My interview starts on page 31. There are pictures of you guys in it! Please feel free to leave nasty comments…


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  1. danielewith1l
    June 23rd, 2009 | 11:20 pm

    oh hey look im in there! thanks? lol

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