Trash Tonight!

I scheduled a hosting gig at the newest location of Trash for my first week back from my west coast jaunt. Trash has been at Webster Hall (11th between 3rd and 4th Ave) for the last couple months and I have to say it is fantastic. It has been so much more fun than it was at Home Sweet Home or 40 C. It has a different feel, but it is bigger, louder and has a weird cross over crowd. Trash is down stairs, and Alex English and Co. throw a jam upstairs, but there is also a third room that attracts a different crowd all together. I personally like the mixed crowd. I also love the sound system. The first time I walked down there I thought there was a live band playing.

Anyway, Trash is tonight and every Friday, so come out. If you want on the list, drop me an email and we shall see what I can do… See you there.  If you don’t get on my list and want to come, mention Driven By Boredom for reduced admission.

Oh yeah, keep in mind, this is at “The Studio” at Webster Hall.  It has it’s own separate entrance on the side.  So skip the madness at the front and look for Brendan James.


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