Shiragirl Vs. The Real World – 9.19.08

So what did beloved Burning Angel porn star and dear friend Jessie Lee do for her birthday? She had chick rockers Shiragirl fuck shit up at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, and with Shiragirl came the Real World Brooklyn. Once again the Real World has snuck into my life to see another friends band. First it was Semi Precious Weapons and now its Shiragirl. This time I did some apologizing to the cast for the drama I may have caused them particularly Chet Cannon and Scott. Chet wanted me to make it very clear that he is not engaged, and both of them know this sort of thing comes with the package of being on TV. When it is all over Chet is going to get a job in finance and Scott hopes to make it as an actor. Frankly, I wish them luck.

Anyway, so the reason they were there is because Devyn from the Real World was performing two songs with the band. According to Shira they met one night at Angels & Kings and they were talking about how they were both singers and such. Evidently Shira is trying to record an album while she is out here and the two decided it would be fun to put something together. I actually got some video of them, I will try to get that up later. In the mean time you can see Shiragirl destroy Brooklyn here.

PS. Vote for Shiragirl in the MTV2 Rock Battle Contest here.





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  1. Anonymous
    January 8th, 2009 | 10:18 pm

    i love this band

  2. horndog
    November 27th, 2009 | 9:50 am

    The girl who is almost mking out with the other girl is hot!!!!!! the band is horrible thoooo !!!!! please tell me thhe hot gir s not ni the band nemore

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