New York Couture Fashion Show – 9.10.08

The New York Couture was pretty much the only fashion week event I went to last season. I sort of hate fashion, but I am sort of friends with a lot of the models that do shows like this so I had to show up. The problem is for the second season in a row I showed up late. I thought to show up early but I had to flavor trip with my roommate (more on that later) and couldn’t find parking and ended up getting there 10 min before 11. Luckily the show didn’t start until a while after 11, but unluckily the door girls had gone inside and I didn’t get a VIP bracelet until 10 min after the show started. I was relegated to the front and side of the stage so I missed all the posing and didn’t really have time to fuck with my lighting. That being said, I sort of thing runway photos are just not my thing anyway, and most of the good shots from last night were taken after the show. With the exception of some possibly questionable make up choices it seemed the show was a great success and fun was had by all. After the show they let just random people walk the cat walk as the after party raged on and that was pretty hilarious.

Dig on the photos.

Oh, one other funny thing to mention. Mansion is sort of a trendy bottle service type club and I was wearing a cut off Michael Bolton t-shirt and Zach Morrisesque 1980’s sport jacket that is far too small for me and I thought I was going to get hassled getting in. Instead the door guy didn’t ask if I was on the list or ID me, he said “I love your shirt!” and just let me in in front of several other people. It was pretty hilarious.






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