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The Fall Guy is now online for Free! This was my FAVORITE show when I was a kid, and probably the greatest TV theme song. It was the only song Lee Majors ever recorded, but if I had my way he would be releasing album after album. I haven’t watched one of these episodes yet, so I am not sure if it lives up to expectations, but I will tell you this, if I had to choose between Bo Duke and Colt Seavers, I am picking Colt every time. From the Hulu synopsis:

Colt Seavers is a Hollywood stuntman by trade… but work in Hollywood is sometimes hard to come by. Fortunately, Colt’s other job is as a bounty hunter – and there’s never any shortage of bail-jumping bad guys to hunt down. Colt is helped by his young and enthusiastic cousin Howie – who knows a little bit about everything and not enough about anything – and Jody, a stunningly beautiful stuntwoman. The trio use the tricks of the stunt trade to catch the criminals.


Of course. This makes total sense and is amazing. God damn I loved TV. Anyway, Hulu is pretty amazing. They have tons of Simpsons and Family Guy Episodes, Colbert and the Daily, and tons of movies. They just released Hoop Dreams which is probably the best sports documentary ever made. Get on it.

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