Trash – 5.2.08

It was my 10th Anniversary of Losing My Virginity fiesta.  When I got there there was like no one there and I was totally freaked out… but by 2am the place was PACKED.  A ton of my friends finally showed up and I had a blast.  My friend Vadim made a movie about the first time I had sex and if nothing else, it was FUCKED UP.  I was not far off when I described it as hard core porn over Benny Hill music.  It was nuts.  I may get it online soon, but it was so graphic I don’t know where I can host it.  The parts with me in it were inaudible which was disappointing, but what can you do?  There was a slide show of my best images from the last year.  That went over well I think.  Jess is getting me the DVD so maybe I can show it at other parties.  It was fun.  Also, Robert from brought me a video camera because he wants to turn DBB into a web show or something.  I took to interviewing people in the street.  We have this idea that maybe we can do like a night club confessional thing mixed with some shots of people partying.  We may need to get a better mic, but we shall see.

Also, note to party hosts.  Running around with your free vodka bottle and pouring it all over your friends is a way better use that just giving people free drinks.

I took photos when I wasn’t filming.  You can see them here.  There is a nipple slip near the end, so be careful at work!






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