2008 NFL Draft – 3.26.08

After a crazy night of partying with porn stars, nothing says relaxing like waiting in line for 11 hours to watch someone read names off cards.  After Trash Friday night I went straight to Radio City Music Hall where I ran into some fellow Miami Dolphins fans and we all stood in the rain with 5000 other of the most hard core football fans on Earth.  I got there around 4 and they didn’t give out wrist bands until 10.  Once you had a wrist band you had to line up to get into Radio City Music Hall for the draft that started at 3PM.  That is 11 hours of waiting.  The first several hours it was cold and rainy and miserable.  No place to sit because of the rain.  One crazy dude got out of his car and started yelling at us about how we should go back to Miami and that everyone who wasn’t a Jets or a Giants fan was a queer.  He was very large and people mostly let him get away with it.  Other than that it was sort of uneventful.  At some point someone started passing out flyers for a ticket scalping service that looked exactly like $20 bills.  I put one across the street and we waited for someone to pick it up.  Then we all laughed at them.  We repeated this several times and by like the third time we had the entire line of people watching. If someone picked up the bill at that point they had 300 football fans yelling at them.  Suddenly, around 930 everyone started running towards the doors.  I have no idea what happened, but the line was no longer an issue.  Everyone ditched all their tailgating stuff and just started running towards the door.  Tons of people were asleep and were now being trampled.   It was crazy.  The cops eventually corralled everyone into some barriers that they had up.   Everyone was smashed in together and as the line surged more people got trampled and everyone was shoved.  It was horrible.  People who had been waiting all night were now standing next to people who had been there 30 minutes.  Everyone was pissed and screaming.  Chants of bullshit rang out.  Despite the horribleness of said situation there was something nice about all these angry fans coming together in their rage.  Also, everyone in the league pretty much hates the Patriots so whenever anyone with a Pats jersey walked by everyone screamed at them.  And since I hate the Pats more than anyone in the world, that was pretty nice.  After we eventually got wristbands and waited another few hours to get in we had a nice relaxing time sitting through 7 hours of an old man reading off names of 22 year old football players.  And trying to stay awake.  And a lot more screaming.

Despite all the bullshit and the fact that I may possibly have turned down a threesome with porn stars I still had a blast and will remember the day forever.  The only reason I had my camera on me was because I came straight from the party and had it on me.  I didn’t really think about taking photos, but I took a few, and they are here on 476ad.com.  They don’t really make sense on DBB.  Word.  Go Dolphins!


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